About DR. PAtrick B


I was born and raised alongside my sister (also a Naturopathic Doctor) in the city of Lethbridge, Alberta, modeled by incredible parents, exceptional teachers, and first-rate coaches.

I believe that my career path and my practice focus were shaped by a multitude of sporting and educational opportunities that exemplified the importance of a healthy body and healthy mind. While discovering the importance of translating modern science to guide preventive and therapeutic clinical practice decisions it became unmistakably clear that all body systems, structures, and functions are interconnected in the healing and wellness continuum. Rather than focusing on a specific organ or body part, the entire spectrum of physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental health must be assessed and optimized in order to effectively treat injury, illness, and disease. This holistic approach to care is crucial to the health of all generations and has inspired the passion in me to want to give to you in the same way that so many others have given to me.

I am devoted to working alongside you on your journey to good health.

Your journey to good health starts here